About Us

Let's Code Africa LogoLet’s Code Africa (LCA) is a social enterprise that seeks to empower young Africans by helping them acquire technological skills. Our main emphasis is on coding – we want to teach young Africans how to code (software, games and web applications).

We at LCA believe that anyone can code and we want to give every young person the opportunity to learn how to code irrespective of their academic background or orientation.

With the dawn of the internet of things, businesses, organizations, individuals and even gadgets are all connected or been connected to the internet and this has provided an unlimited amount of opportunities for people with the right knowledge and skills in how everything is connected.

We do believe that providing young people in Africa the opportunity to learn how to code will not only diversify their skills and make them more employable but will also unearth hidden talents that could entirely shape the future of our generation and continent. The next Steve Jobs or founder of Google or Facebook might just be waiting to be reached with an opportunity that would trigger their passion in Information Technology (IT).

Our Vision: To give every young person in Africa access to technological tools that will empower them them be agents of positive change in their communities.

Impact: Reach 1 million young people in Africa by 2030.

All programs of LCA are aligned with two (2) of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):

SDG No. 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth – By ensuring young people are being equipped with skills that make them employable and creators of business, we ensure young people have access to decent work and contribute towards economic growth of their communities or country through businesses that they start.

SDG No.9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure – By equipping young people of diverse background with technological skills, we promote innovation across all industries and provide opportunities for new industries and infrastructures to be built around technology.