Kampala Code Camp

Kampala Code Camp is part of  The Graduate Skills Enhancement Program (GSEP),  one of the initiatives of LCA that seeks to target graduates of tertiary institutions. We are looking for tertiary students as well as recent graduates to participate in this initiative.

Kampala Code Camp provides an opportunity for young people in Kampala and its environs to learn coding skills. Currently, we run two (2) tracks – Software and Web Development.

The main aim is to provide graduating students with new technological skills that would make them more competitive in their search for employment or provide new career tracts though starting their own ventures.

With the high level of unemployment rate in Uganda, this program will ensure that all participants of the program are equipped with skills that fit the 21st century employment market or they start up their own businesses.

We will be running 3 camps in 3 Universities in Kampala.

Program Objectives

  • To teach graduates coding skills in two tracks – software or web development.
  • Provide mentorship and coaching to graduates of our program.
  • Support program graduates with placement opportunities.
  • Provide finance or non-financial support to program graduates who want to start their own ventures.